Helena Cantwell

Most brides have photos that they have seen that they send me. Also Pinterest is great for inspo. Googling latest trends also helpful. I don’t have a specific place! Quite often I will get flowers (fresh or artificial) in and they will inspire me to create! I have always loved the saying “Life is not measured by the breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away”.

Melanie Jane Roberts

She always dreamed about her own wedding from a very young age, the fairytale and the magic of it all, meeting my prince charming and riding off into the sunset on our snow-white horse.

The Best Apps for Wedding Planners

Header image for Wedding Planner Apps

Today’s wedding planners all have critical info at their fingertips at all times, thanks to a new generation of technology. A variety of handy wedding planner apps have made organizing every element of a wedding easy, organized, and instant with the tap of an app.  Wedding planners of generations gone by talk about their bible, […]

Wedding Planners Guide to Creating a Budget

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Working out the budget for a couple who’s about to get married is a daunting but vital task. As a wedding planner, creating a wedding budget breakdown is the first step in helping a couple through their matrimonial journey.  Weddings can be low budget and DIY, or they can be extravagant events that run six […]

Burst of Color: 10 Hot Wedding Colors in 2021

Wedding Color trends For 2021

If you’ve said yes and set the wedding date, then it’s time to think about the look and feel of the big day, and it all starts with your wedding color palette for 2021. Many consider picking wedding colors to be one of the most important steps as you start your planning process, as it […]

Wedding Bouquet Ideas for Spring/Summer 2021

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There were a lot of canceled weddings in 2020. As such, it should come as no surprise that the trends for 2021 are all over the place. They may be smaller weddings, but there are big wedding bouquet ideas. When it comes to organizing a wedding, wedding coordinators have their hands full. Thankfully, with couples […]