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Today’s wedding planners all have critical info at their fingertips at all times, thanks to a new generation of technology. A variety of handy wedding planner apps have made organizing every element of a wedding easy, organized, and instant with the tap of an app. 

Wedding planners of generations gone by talk about their bible, they typically are not referring to the Holy Scripture.

In the past they were talking about the traditional three-ring binders assigned to each wedding that hold the key to all that makes for a successful wedding weekend: vendor agreements, guest lists, contact lists, floor plans, design and color schemes, itineraries, transportation details, and all the must-know information to de-escalate any potential “big day” disasters. 

Thanks to technology, the bible these days is likely all connected to their phone.

Here are a few of our favorites….


The name says it all! WeddingHappy is an easy-to-use wedding planner app for managing tasks, payments, and vendor agreements. 

A fun countdown to the big day is front and center when you open the app, and a helpful timeline tool lets you see what tasks you need to accomplish.

 If you’re a visual person and admitted data nerd, WeddingHappy consistently updates a graphic percentage metric to show you how much you’ve done ‒‒and how much you still need to do. 

For couples who have, let’s say, a less-involved partner, WeddingHappy has a collaboration tool. Digital deadlines can help you and your clients stay on track, especially when signing time-sensitive contracts and providing deposits, which can get overwhelming. 

And if you don’t like to be the one to gently nudge your couple, WeddingHappy has a helpful reminder tool that alerts them to upcoming deadlines! 


A snap shot of the All Seated App that shows an event floorplan with seating options.
Solve all your event seating plan woes with this wedding planning app.

Many brides and wedding planners will agree that the bane of the entire planning process is managing the all-important seating chart. Sure, it makes sense to seat Aunt Betty at the same table as Uncle Danny, but if the last Thanksgiving dinner is any indication, there could be fireworks — the wrong kind of fireworks! 

Allseated provides a fully immersive, 360-degree, photorealistic experience of your venue space. 

Wedding planners and their clients can utilize Allseated’s virtual reality goggles so they can see the wedding floor plan anywhere, at any time. 

As one of the best wedding planner apps, it readily shares the floor plan with vendors, Allseated ensures the band or DJ will know exactly where to set up before they even arrive. 

It also guarantees that the wedding planner, the couple, and the venue are all on the same page when it comes to where the bars will be placed and the buffet will be set up, whether to arrange for a sweetheart table or bridal party table, and where the cake will be displayed. 


Early on in the wedding planning process, brides are bombarded with ideas for making their day personal and extraordinary. 

Evernote is an ideal wedding planner app as you can take notes, snap photos, and make to-do lists as you visit venues or peruse bridesmaids’ dresses. Then you can sync the notes to all of your devices so the info is always at your fingertips. 

With a powerful search feature, the app allows you to pull up your notes quickly and put your finger on precisely what you’re looking for. 

Best of all, Evernote integrates with your favorite apps like Google Drive, Outlook, and Slack, so communication is streamlined no matter where you are. 


Ask any bride, and they’ll agree: Shortly after sending out their wedding invitations, those delightful little reply envelopes start rolling in … but not all of them. 

Chasing down RSVPs is no fun, but RSVPify is your solution. From this awesome wedding planning app, you can organize all your wedding events while giving your guests one easy RSVP experience.

The app allows you to invite everyone or just select certain guests to invite to additional events—for example, the rehearsal at the ceremony site, the rehearsal dinner, an intimate apres reception gathering, next-day brunch, or any other wedding weekend event. 

With one tap, you can ask guests for any details you may need, including travel plans, dietary restrictions, hotel information for welcome bags, and more. Wedding planners love that you can even customize the interface to match the wedding style perfectly. 


Hello, Trello! This is the wedding planner app for the planner who lives and dies by listmaking! The app’s virtual pinboard uses “cards” to organize your work. It lets you se up clearly labeled categories populated by an easy-to-use drag and drop feature. 

Every part of the wedding planning process and, more importantly, the progress can be managed and tracked. Perhaps most importantly, shared with others so that everyone with a role to plan for the wedding’s success can all be on the same virtual page.

This app is so organized that if you’re a bride who thinks they may be cut out to be a wedding planner, you’ll want to keep it installed long term. 

The Guest

An image of someone using the Guest App on their phone to take a photo of a bride and groom.
Use the Guest App during the ceremony for a real-time slideshow.

Hashtags are great … if your guests remember what your official hashtag is, how to spell it, or even know how a hashtag works. 

Texting images and photos from your wedding and surrounding events means having to download and hoping the file size is of good quality.  Asking guests to email their favorite wedding and wedding-event photos is archaic, so the Guest is your solution. 

This is the first and only photo-sharing app that instantly does everything for the bride and groom. 

Here’s how it works: The Guest automatically lets guests know to start snapping; guests can take photos and videos with their phone’s camera and post them directly to the app; and then The Guest shares everything in a real-time feed for all to see. 

But how is this a wedding planner app? Wedding planners can easily manage the account and even arrange for a displayed flatscreen to play a rolling, real-time slideshow!

Pantone Studio

As a wedding planner, you’ll be side-by-side with your clients as they make critical design decisions. They’ll fall in love with color schemes and event decor, floral arrangements, and invitations.

Sifting through everything they like is part of the decision-making process, and usually gives way to confirming the final color scheme. The Pantone Studio app helps ensure all colors are exact and not a shade or two off target. 

Pantone Studio allows you to carry the wedding’s color palette right in your pocket before things go off the rails. With a simple pic, you can capture your needs and match perfectly to a PANTONE Color. This feature allows you to create palettes to test on 3D-rendered materials and designs. Then you can share those PANTONE Colors with your wedding clients. 

Did you find the perfect color for your bride’s bouquet? Before you place an order for 1000 cocktail napkins for your clients, you can be sure they are the exact right shade.  


When your wedding clients are a little undecided, the OneWed app can be a great source of gorgeous inspiration. There are literally thousands of photos that you can browse. Then the couple can add favorites to Ideabooks. 

Taking it one step further, for any ideas your clients want to see come to life, this app links directly to the nearby vendors. Spot a stunning floral wall backdrop? Snap, save, share, and source.

Rather than making a cold call, the OneWed app provides the option to buy straight from a vendor’s website. Or gives the couple the ability to contact the vendor directly. 

For wedding planners, this app can be beneficial during the initial planning stages. It lets your clients can share with you the things they love and would like to emulate on their big day. 


You’ve heard of a “honey-do” list, but have you heard of Honeydue? Honeydue is a free app that makes it easy for couples to stay on top of finances. 

This wedding planner app works in conjunction with more than 20,000 financial institutions across five countries. It’s accessing real-time information for easy and accurate budgeting. And it’s and not just for engaged couples — using the app will set them up for long-term financial success. 

Couples can see each other’s spending, monitor which bills are coming up, and pay them right away (and even get a reminder). Credit card information is also readily available so you can see which vendors have been paid with that method. 

The app can help you easily spot frivolous spending. Then, reel it in so more dollars can go toward wedding costs or even an exciting honeymoon!

Wedding Planning Apps Make the Job Smooth

Technology can help every stage of the wedding planning process. Digital tools make the most efficient use of your time and energy. Whether you’ve been hired as a wedding planner shortly after the engagement or just weeks before the big day, with these handy digital wedding planner apps at your fingertips, you can’t go wrong!

Annette Corrie

Annette Corrie

Our ‘Certificate of Professional Wedding Planning Course’ is here to help you through the process, by providing a step-by-step guide to getting started and becoming successful in your new career. This course will help you gain the skills, knowledge, and confidence you need to oversee all the details of a wedding. This course will help you prepare a successful and magnificent event!

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Annette Corrie

Course Director

Our ‘Certificate of Professional Wedding Planning Course’ is here to help you through the process, by providing a step-by-step guide to getting started and becoming successful in your new career. This course will help you gain the skills, knowledge, and confidence you need to oversee all the details of a wedding. This course will help you prepare a successful and magnificent event!

Annette Corrie

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Certificate of Professional Wedding Planning Course’

This course will help you gain the skills, knowledge, and confidence you need to oversee all the details of a wedding. This course will help you prepare for a successful and magnificent event!