Weddings are More Expensive Post COVID, How to Prep Your Clients

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As COVID-19 continues to stick around, everyone has had to change their lives in some aspect. The wedding industry has, of course, been greatly affected as well. Clients lost out on deposits in 2020 for cancellations; venues lost out on events; and planners, well, the entire industry ground to a halt. All that said, what […]

Emotional Stages of a Wedding: Emotional Intelligence Required

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A resume advertises your skills and responsibilities related to wedding planning. These may including the ability to plan meticulous itineraries or organize stacks of vendor contacts and agreements. But any wedding planner will tell you that their job responsibilities go far beyond the tangibles. Working with clients throughout the multiple stages of a wedding often means […]

43 Questions to Ask During a Wedding Planner Consultation

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When it comes to a wedding planner consultation, there is a long list of things to ask. After all, you want to understand precisely what your couple wants for their big day. They are putting their wedding day in your hands, so you need all the information you can get.wedding planner consultation The number of […]