43 Questions to Ask During a Wedding Planner Consultation

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When it comes to a wedding planner consultation, there is a long list of things to ask. After all, you want to understand precisely what your couple wants for their big day. They are putting their wedding day in your hands, so you need all the information you can get.wedding planner consultation The number of […]

Wedding Planners Guide to Creating a Budget

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Working out the budget for a couple who’s about to get married is a daunting but vital task. As a wedding planner, creating a wedding budget breakdown is the first step in helping a couple through their matrimonial journey.  Weddings can be low budget and DIY, or they can be extravagant events that run six […]

How Much Do Wedding Planners Get Paid?

How Much Do Wedding Planners Get Paid?

In this post we discuss the huge opportunity for wedding planners and their salary. We cover the average hourly rate and their yearly wage based location, city and experience. BUT – the largest opportunity income wise is actually through self employment… Just imagine earning $3500 in a single weekend… That’s 100% realistic once you become […]