58 Destination Wedding Statistics for 2021/2022

Destination wedding statistics for 2021/2022

As COVID-19 is becoming endemic rather than a pandemic, how will destination weddings in 2022 change? Will couples and their loved ones feel safe to travel for a destination wedding? What do destination wedding 2021 statistics tell us about the future, and what does this mean for wedding planners?  These wedding industry statistics for 2021-2022 might […]

Work With Destination Wedding Vendors from Around the World

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When it comes to planning weddings around the world, there are endless things to plan, book, and put into place. Of the most important, from a wedding planning standpoint anyway, are the destination wedding vendors. If you’re based in New York but your client wants to get married in Jamaica, you can’t use your Manhattan […]

Pros and Cons: Destination Weddings vs. Traditional

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When clients are trying to decide on the type of wedding they want, two of the big options are traditional and destination. COVID-19 issues aside for a moment, these two types of wedding are always in demand. But what’s important to the clients? Have they considered destination wedding cost, or the need for maintaining tradition? […]

How to Become a Destination Wedding Guru

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While it is far from being over and done with, the era of COVID-19 lockdowns is coming to a close. Slowly, the world is beginning to open up, and people are starting to think about travel again. You know this is true as airlines are bringing back those pesky change and cancellation fees! With travel […]