How to Make a Wedding Seating Chart

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The wedding seating chart—a dreaded last-minute design that each bride and groom have to struggle through. Often, the wedding planner needs to be the intermediary between the bride and groom when they decide on their seating chart.  So, how do you put uncle Bob next to cousin Jeff when they don’t like each other?  And […]

Our Predictions for Destination Wedding Trends 2022

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When it comes to weddings, people tend to be of two minds. There are the traditional, at-home sort and then there are the plane-hopping destination wedding couples. Whether it’s a Mexico destination wedding or a three-day event on the Italian Riviera, destination weddings are popular and looking to be even more so in 2022. Why? […]

58 Destination Wedding Statistics for 2021/2022

Destination wedding statistics for 2021/2022

As COVID-19 is becoming endemic rather than a pandemic, how will destination weddings in 2022 change? Will couples and their loved ones feel safe to travel for a destination wedding? What do destination wedding 2021 statistics tell us about the future, and what does this mean for wedding planners?  These wedding industry statistics for 2021-2022 might […]

Drinks, Appies, and Cake: Individual Services Taking Over Weddings

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As we’ve been saying for a while now, COVID-19 has changed the wedding world. Many changes have affected the industry as a whole, and catering is no exception. Gone are the days of family-style tables filled with shareable food, and mini wedding cakes are all the rage. So don’t even think about pitching the idea […]

Weddings are More Expensive Post COVID, How to Prep Your Clients

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As COVID-19 continues to stick around, everyone has had to change their lives in some aspect. The wedding industry has, of course, been greatly affected as well. Clients lost out on deposits in 2020 for cancellations; venues lost out on events; and planners, well, the entire industry ground to a halt. All that said, what […]

20 Wedding Trends from COVID-19

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The COVID-19 pandemic changed life around the world as we know it, and that goes for the wedding industry as well. Between mass cancellations, delays, the sudden need for a small wedding, and having to pivot to new ideas, it has been a whirlwind for wedding planners and their clients alike.  While the pandemic is […]