Over Budget? 15 Ways to Cut Wedding Costs

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The budget can make or break a wedding, but these wedding budget tips can save the day!  Having the budget and overspending conversation with your clients is often a difficult one. While a couple may budget a certain amount for their wedding, they usually spend more.  On average, wedding budgets in 2020 increased from $23,000 […]

How to Work with a Wedding Photographer

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As a wedding planner, your responsibilities may include selecting, interviewing, and choosing the wedding photographer, especially if your clients opt for a full-stack wedding package.  There are many considerations in this process, beyond whether the photographer can take lovely photos or if they are within the soon-to-be wedded couple’s budget.   Prepare your checklist, and let’s […]

Wedding Menu Ideas: Working with Dietary Restrictions

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Wedding food doesn’t always have a great reputation. There are a thousand wedding menu ideas out there, but so many of them are geared toward meat- and dairy-loving carnivores. What about those who have a plant-based diet? Or people who have celiac’s disease or can only eat kosher or halal meat? They need to eat […]

Weddings are More Expensive Post COVID, How to Prep Your Clients

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As COVID-19 continues to stick around, everyone has had to change their lives in some aspect. The wedding industry has, of course, been greatly affected as well. Clients lost out on deposits in 2020 for cancellations; venues lost out on events; and planners, well, the entire industry ground to a halt. All that said, what […]

Working With Clients on a Budget: Tips, Tricks, and a Black Friday Sale

Working with clients on a budget

Planning a wedding is a costly and stressful experience for most couples. Most wedding planners work with clients who are on a tight budget and have to cut costs where possible to make that dream wedding a reality. What tricks do you use to cut down on costs. For instance do you encourage your clients to […]

Wedding Planners Guide to Creating a Budget

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Working out the budget for a couple who’s about to get married is a daunting but vital task. As a wedding planner, creating a wedding budget breakdown is the first step in helping a couple through their matrimonial journey.  Weddings can be low budget and DIY, or they can be extravagant events that run six […]