Stefanie Thasler


Business Name & Location: Lacuna Weddings, Sydney Australia

Website: https://lacunaweddings.com.au/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lacuna.weddings

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lacunaweddings/?hl=en

Years/Months in the Event Industry

4 Years of Experience

What was your previous line of work and why did you decide to pursue a career in the Wedding Industry?

Account Manager at an Events Company. After graduating at college with a Bachelor of Event Management, I knew one day I would create something special in the events industry. Wedding planning was always a dream of mine – I love the idea of putting my organisational and event planning skills to work for such a special occasion. I’ve always been in events working as a middle man, everyday liaising with venues and clients to bring an event to life. These skills transitioned perfectly into wedding planning, and starting my own business was an opportunity I couldn’t let pass me!

What is your typical day like?

During the working week I wake up early around 7am. I then make a coffee and read through my to do list day planner (which I planned out the night prior) to see what my day looks like. This to do list can include tasks such as checking-in with clients, organising site meetings with wedding venues or planning social media posts for that night. As I have just started my business and am transitioning into the industry, I am also currently working part time as an Account Manager Monday – Thursday which involves event venue and client liaison.

In between everything, I always try to get outside for some fresh air to reset and clear my mind. My fiance and I just adopted a puppy, so I have an excuse to get outside for a walk! I also try to workout regularly to keep the endorphins going – I find this really helps with my motivation.

On the weekends I prioritise my family and friends as they are an important part of my life. If we’re not at the beach you’ll find me out and about at cafes/restaurants, playing tennis (a favourite of mine), or walking our dog.
What inspires you?
Being around my family and friends inspires me the most. Day to day I find having a clean workspace, eating healthy and meditating also helps. I believe you need a nice balance in all aspects of life in order to feel motivated and inspired. It is also very important to have a support network behind you. My family and fiance are always there for me in times of need and encourage me when I need it the most.

What are your favorite resources for your business?

Some of my favourite blog pages are One Fine Day Wedding Fair, Wedshed and Hello May. I have also recently started listening to a podcast called Wedding Secrets, which is great for when I am on the road. Other than these resources, Instagram is a great tool for finding inspiration.
I find having a diverse range of resources is great for finding inspiration as well as connecting with and discovering different vendors in the industry.

What advice would you give our recently graduated students just starting out in the industry?

Stepping out of your comfort zone is the only way to grow and see change. It’s daunting starting something new and in most cases the only thing in the way of achieving greatness is yourself. If you’re eager to get into the Wedding Industry, I would encourage you to network with as many people as possible. You can never have too many connections, and you never know what opportunities could come out of it!

Apply for work experience with a wedding planner to see first hand how they run their business. A great way to get into this would be by approaching a venue (if you can afford to, you can even ask to work for free and in most cases after you prove yourself they will take you on.) This can be a great stepping stone to enter the industry and gain experience and confidence. When you feel ready and have built up a network, you might want to start your own business. Don’t be afraid and remember why you wanted to start the business in the first place if things get tough!

Approach as many people in the industry as you can and build relationships. Remember that the more you help other people out, the more they are willing to help you!

Shoot name: Coastal Wedding photoshoot
Details: With the help of wedding suppliers I created a coastal wedding photoshoot to assist with the launch of my business and for marketing material.
Suppliers to credit:
Photographer: @nataliekovalweddings
Models: @courtney_clarke & @iampaulhughes
Venues: Dunes Palm Beach & Palm Beach Bible Garden
Hair and Make-up: @colourbeautybrides
Wedding dress: @graceloveslace
Florals: @wildforager

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Annette Corrie

Success Stories

Certificate of Professional Wedding Planning Course’

This course will help you gain the skills, knowledge, and confidence you need to oversee all the details of a wedding. This course will help you prepare for a successful and magnificent event!