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” Top Marketing Tips For Promoting Your Wedding Business..”

“Watch The Video Above To Discover The Top Marketing Strategies For Getting More Brides To Book Your Wedding Service! “

I get asked all the time what my top tips are for marketing a wedding business and getting more clients..so I decided to make a  short video detailing my top  ‘cost effective’ advertising mediums, and my top tips for converting a wedding enquiry into a paid booking!
The two main parts of a  winning marketing strategy- are a combination of successful ‘Lead Generation’ with a ‘Conversion’ sequence.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is used to generate enquiries about your service from qualified couples.
Your lead generation strategy for your wedding business should focus on reaching targeted clients, and excite them and inspire them about your product.  From here- they make an enquiry with you.
The most effective advertising/ marketing campaign for generating leads- is an ‘Online Lead-Gen Campaign’.
My recommendations for the  4 most effective ‘Lead Gen’ avenues- online for wedding business owners are:
  • Facebook ads  ( to targeted audience)
  • Gumtree Listing
  • Instagram  ( with targeted #hashtags)
  • Blogging-  then pinning   your images to Pinterest


I explain in further detail in the video above-  why I recommend these mediums above.


The second part of the strategy is about converting your leads/ enquiries into a paid bookings.


My top pointers are:

  • Personally phone every enquiry to personally introduce yourself- before sending out a quote or price list
  • Meet with the Client Face to Face.  (50% conversion rate with this strategy.)

Invite your potential client to meet with you in person- for a complimentary consultation/ open night/ launch/ site inspection etc..


The main reason the above points are so effective is the mere fact that brides are more likely to book with a supplier that they have spoken to on the phone, or met with in person- than a business that they have only had electronic correspondence with.  ( ‘Trust’ and ‘confidence’ in the supplier outweighs price in most purchasing decisions in the wedding industry)


A short 2-minute phone call is all it takes- and this is enough to establish rapport, credibility and trust.
Building a relationship with your client is also important in securing the booking!


So-  in summary-  you don’t need to take out a full page ad in a Wedding Magazine, or spend thousands of dollars to promote yourself.  Simple, cost effective and targeted online campaigns can get you qualified leads.  And taking a more personal approach in your conversion process  will establish trust and confidence in your business being able to deliver!


I hope you  find it helpful! Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below!
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Certificate of Professional Wedding Planning Course’

This course will help you gain the skills, knowledge, and confidence you need to oversee all the details of a wedding. This course will help you prepare for a successful and magnificent event!