Natalie Kaleli

Business Name & Location:

Blush Styles – Sydney based

Business Facebook Page:

Blush Styles

Business Instagram Page:


Years/Months Working in the Event Industry: 2 and half years

Years Owning Your Business (if applicable): 2 and half years

What was your previous line of work and why did you decide to pursue a career in the Wedding Industry?

Experience in other careers/jobs/hobbies that helped spark your interest, and how you decided to start your own business if you own a business?

I have always worked in early childhood; however, I have always loved being organized and loved style and design. Even in the industry I worked in I would always design the room to detail and would always be organized, my home life would be exactly same , I would always change up my décor in my home as I just really loved styling and making spaces look pretty to the eye- this would give me such a great satisfaction. As my hobby was to style and design, I would assist my friends and family organize birthday parties and events. I always had so much fun and enjoyment out of designing a theme and ensuring everything complemented each other for the event.

I think I have always had it in me to be organized and style, as a little girl I would always rearrange my room and ensure everything looked perfect and complimented all the items in my room. As I have grown older my attention detail has become more precise and aware of what goes where and what goes with what.

I decided to start my own business as I really love organizing events and styling, I thought why not make income with this. I get to earn money doing something I’m so passionate about. I also work full time else where, so my goal is to eventually earn enough with Blush Styles to make it my full time income earning job ????

When I got married, I planned the whole thing on my own to every single detail from one state to another. I lived in Sydney but got married in Melbourne so everything was done via phone and trips back and forth to ensure everything was to my expectations. After my wedding I looked back and thought wow I really did organize such a beautiful wedding , id loved to do this for other also  as it gave me so much satisfaction and had a lot of fun with it . This is what lead me to completing this course.

What is your typical day like?

Include the time you start your day, what is the first work task you do most days, do you work at home or in an office, what you do for lunch, what is your afternoon like, what time do you end your day.  Feel free to include details about family time, kids and/or other jobs that you also do.

My day usually starts at 7:00 , I wake up usual skin care routine and breakfast. I then start my 8-4  job which is from home , in the mean time if I get calls or messages for my Blush Styles I tend to organize a plan for those and get my list going.

At the end of the day I work out then come home and get dinner started , if I know I have grazing orders that week or an event to organize I will always spend my evenings planning what I need , shopping lists and running schedules.

What inspires you?

Include specific blogs, websites, places, everyday life, magazines, and anything else that inspires you in your business and in life.

I think magazines and online photos inspire me to do what I love , as there’s always something new out there or an item that catches my eye and I think ohh I could do this , or I could so that with it . Seeing things defiantly gives me inspiration to create different things and ideas.

What are your favorite resources for your business?

Include specific business websites or blogs that may help other planners in our community, must have checklists or program you use.

My favorite resources would have to be pintrest for sure ! I also tend to google onto blogs .

What advise would you give our recently graduated students just starting out in the industry?

Include any practical or encouraging tips that you found useful yourself eg: participating in work experience, building a social media following. Ways to boost confidence to take the first steps to book your first clients!

My advice would be never give up even if your having a bad day and you think I can’t do this – because you defiantly can do this . If this is your passion and something you truly love fight for it till you achieve your goals , because the end result will be so satisfying and something you will look back on and go wow I did that !

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Certificate of Professional Wedding Planning Course’

This course will help you gain the skills, knowledge, and confidence you need to oversee all the details of a wedding. This course will help you prepare for a successful and magnificent event!