Micro Wedding Trend to Continue Post Pandemic

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There is no doubt that COVID-19 turned the world upside down. Couples found themselves with a seemingly impossible choice when it came to pandemic weddings and were forced to drastically change their special day. Including switching to a micro wedding.

According to a 2020 Real Weddings Study [COVID-19 Edition], only 43 percent of couples who were scheduled to have a wedding in 2020 actually had their initial wedding. Fifteen percent of couples surveyed pushed to 2021, with 32 percent rescheduling their original date. That leaves 7 percent of couples who cancelled their wedding outright.

The majority of people who were getting married in 2020 had to make huge changes. These changes are likely to continue into 2021, especially when things like budget, safety, and changing guidelines come into play. Fifty-eight percent of couples surveyed ended up cutting their guest count by an average of 41 percent. That’s huge.

One of the ways people have been making do is by celebrating with smaller weddings. Pop-Up weddings are, well, popping up all over the place, but that may be too risky for some couples. What may suit them better is a micro wedding, and if you’re a little puzzled about what that really means, don’t worry. We have all the information you need below.

What is a Micro Wedding?

When it comes to simple, sleek weddings with a touch of whimsy, micro weddings are where they’re at. These weddings are small—usually anywhere from 10 to 50 people—and are more focused on the couple than on the whole ceremony and party idea.

Micro weddings are intimate, have fewer bells and whistles, and can be pulled off for a much lower cost. If a couple wants a small wedding but is too afraid to elope and wants to plan a bit more than a pop-up, the micro wedding is the best choice.

A few more thoughts from one of our favourite podcasts on micr weddings

Why Micro Weddings are Popular

The cost of a micro wedding is, unsurprisingly, miniscule in comparison to traditional weddings. The average cost of a micro wedding is anywhere from $1,600 to $10,000 at its most extravagant, though most couples find their end cost somewhere in the middle.

Micro weddings are meant to be small, so that means a smaller guest list, less food, less drinks, and overall fewer expenses. In a post-pandemic world where a lot of people are still recovering financially, micro weddings offer an attractive price point.

From a wedding planner standpoint, micro weddings are a lot easier to plan. The clients also tend to be a bit more easy going, which may make things like working out the budget less strenuous.

3 Reasons to Offer a Micro Wedding Package

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Don’t go overboard with decor, a few arrangements is all you need.

With the rise in weddings in 2021, you’ll want to catch the wave as soon as you can. One surefire way of doing that is to offer a micro wedding package. Why? Well, here are three very good reasons.

There’s Going to be a 2021 Surge

With so many weddings being postponed and cancelled in 2020, 2021 is going to be one of the busiest years on record for the wedding industry. The Wedding Report states that 2021 is going to see a surge of 650,000 weddings. That will bring the total number of weddings to 2.77 million, whereas a normal year sees just 2.12 million weddings. 

Even with people likely spending a lot less, that is a significant number of weddings to be happening this season. As a wedding planner in 2021, you are going to be busy. A great way to make sure you have a steady stream of clients is to offer a simple yet air-tight micro wedding package.

Make it easy for them and they will flock to you. We all collectively just had a really rough and stressful year. The more convenient you can make weddings, the more clients you will get.

Couples Like Personal Touches

With large weddings, the personality of the couple often gets lost in the glitz and glamor and sheer size of the event. With smaller weddings, you get to really finesse the details to reflect those who are getting married.

Micro weddings are focused on the couple in a way that larger weddings simply cannot be. This will allow you, as a wedding planner, to help create a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience for your clients. Perhaps there is a tree where they first met. Great, have the ceremony there. Maybe the couple really likes Halloween? Wonderful, you can theme the reception all spooky-like.

Adding personal touches and having a theme is much more attainable at a lower price point. There’s less to decorate, fewer people to cater to, and it’ll really let your creative juices fly.

It Will Open Up a Whole New Wedding World

By offering couples a micro wedding, you will be letting people know that you can do all sorts of weddings. If you can do micro weddings, you can definitely do pop-up weddings. If you can do pop-up weddings, you can do elopements.

The skills you will learn and hone when planning micro weddings will serve you very well in your wedding planner career. You’ll learn how to do the most with less, how to really stretch and balance a budget, and what questions you specifically need to ask for certain types of weddings.

You will become more flexible and creative. Plus, you’ll do amazing networking with new types of vendors, not to mention benefit from word of mouth from the wedding parties.

Micro Wedding and Reception Ideas

Micro weddings are all about keeping it small and simple.

Now that you’re going to be offering micro weddings, you’ll need some ideas. Knowing how to style and organize a micro wedding may not be second nature if you’re used to large, traditional weddings or even some smaller ones. They are in an entirely different ball park. 

Simplicity and minimalism is the name of the game when it comes to these tiny nuptials. Keeping things easy will not only reduce the stress for everyone involved, but will keep with the spirit of a micro wedding.

A great idea for florals is to use wildflowers or dried flowers sparingly. Find out the bride’s favorite flower and only use that one where florals are truly needed. Having the ceremony in a unique setting is another great micro wedding idea. Be it a field, a cute gazebo in a park, or somewhere special to the couple is a way to cut down on costs and add a true personal touch.

For the reception, a family-style long table is definitely in vogue. Not only will it bring everyone together, but an intimate dinner will be very memorable. Having a family-style dinner can also cut down on food costs, as it won’t so much be per plate but rather per dish.

This reception setup is also great for bring-your-own-style dinners and drinks. Couples who are low maintenance may enjoy the idea of a potluck style wedding reception. Keeping it simple is what makes micro weddings really shine. It’s about the people, not the trappings.

2021: The Year of Micro Weddings

As the pandemic hopefully continues to wind down, a lot of things will be changing in the wedding world. There are likely to be some restrictions about gatherings lingering well throughout 2021. Knowing how to deal with COVID weddings is still imperative to operating safely and giving couples everything they want (within reason).

That said, micro weddings offer a way to stay within many COVID restrictions and cater specifically to people who may be cash strapped or want something smaller for safety reasons. Micro weddings also may just appeal more to people now that they are able to be with those they love most.

The fact is, micro weddings are going to reign supreme in 2021. So be quick and jump on the bandwagon now. There are so many micro weddings to plan!

Annette Corrie

Annette Corrie

Our ‘Certificate of Professional Wedding Planning Course’ is here to help you through the process, by providing a step-by-step guide to getting started and becoming successful in your new career. This course will help you gain the skills, knowledge, and confidence you need to oversee all the details of a wedding. This course will help you prepare a successful and magnificent event!

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Annette Corrie

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Our ‘Certificate of Professional Wedding Planning Course’ is here to help you through the process, by providing a step-by-step guide to getting started and becoming successful in your new career. This course will help you gain the skills, knowledge, and confidence you need to oversee all the details of a wedding. This course will help you prepare a successful and magnificent event!

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Certificate of Professional Wedding Planning Course’

This course will help you gain the skills, knowledge, and confidence you need to oversee all the details of a wedding. This course will help you prepare for a successful and magnificent event!