How To Make A Flower Wall Backdrop For A Wedding Or Event

“The question I get asked often by Wedding Planner Students is “How Do I Create My Own Wedding Backdrops?” Chances are if you are reading this blog post- you are probably working in the field of weddings, just starting out, or you want to build your own backdrop for your event or wedding! Here at […]

How Much Do Wedding Planners Get Paid?

How Much Do Wedding Planners Get Paid? In this post we discuss the huge opportunity for wedding planners and their salary. We cover the average hourly rate and their yearly wage based location, city and experience. BUT – the largest opportunity income wise is actually  through self employment… Just imagine earning $3500 in a single […]

The 5 Types of Brides Who Book and Pay For Wedding Planning Services

Who Really Books a Wedding Planner? As a very successful business owner in the wedding industry, I get asked a lot by people if there really is a market for ‘Wedding Planners’. Don’t Brides Plan Their Own Wedding? Because of the movie ‘ The Wedding Planner’ with J-Lo, a lot of people think that wedding planners […]

Wedding Planner Salary Australia

How Much Do Wedding Planners In Australia Get Paid? The wedding industry in Australia is huge, with over 110,000 weddings taking place across the country every year and over 3 billion dollars spent annually! With that much money being thrown around it has to be going somewhere, and while most of it is spent on one-off purchases like […]

4 Tips To Become A Wedding Planner

Do You Want To be a Wedding Planner? Hey, I’m Annette Corrie. I’m here help to make your dream career in Weddings a reality. My only question, are you ready to get started? How To Become A Wedding Planner (Plus 4 Great Tips!) We get asked all the time from students- can you really make […]