17 Rustic Decor Ideas for a Farm Wedding

Planning a rustic wedding for your clients next summer? The rise of cottage core amongst millenials and Gen Z is taking aesthetics back to the basics, where natural elements are king. Farm weddings are the perfect way to embrace this aesthetic. When it comes to rustic wedding decor, there are so many options out there. […]

Over Budget? 15 Ways to Cut Wedding Costs

wedding budget tips blog header

The budget can make or break a wedding, but these wedding budget tips can save the day!  Having the budget and overspending conversation with your clients is often a difficult one. While a couple may budget a certain amount for their wedding, they usually spend more.  On average, wedding budgets in 2020 increased from $23,000 […]

DIY Wedding Ceremony Backdrops

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The aesthetics of a wedding are composed of many things. It’s the flowers and food, the outfits and decorations all combined. However, there is one item in particular that becomes a focal point at a pivotal moment during every wedding ceremony: the backdrop. Whether it’s a traditional arch or a modern chuppah, this piece becomes […]

How to Make a Wedding Seating Chart

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The wedding seating chart—a dreaded last-minute design that each bride and groom have to struggle through. Often, the wedding planner needs to be the intermediary between the bride and groom when they decide on their seating chart.  So, how do you put uncle Bob next to cousin Jeff when they don’t like each other?  And […]

How to Work with a Wedding Photographer

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As a wedding planner, your responsibilities may include selecting, interviewing, and choosing the wedding photographer, especially if your clients opt for a full-stack wedding package.  There are many considerations in this process, beyond whether the photographer can take lovely photos or if they are within the soon-to-be wedded couple’s budget.   Prepare your checklist, and let’s […]

Our Predictions for Destination Wedding Trends 2022

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When it comes to weddings, people tend to be of two minds. There are the traditional, at-home sort and then there are the plane-hopping destination wedding couples. Whether it’s a Mexico destination wedding or a three-day event on the Italian Riviera, destination weddings are popular and looking to be even more so in 2022. Why? […]